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There is no doubt that as a director, chief executive or manager you are running your business as efficiently and economically as possible, within the context of long established systems and methods. However, while maintaining quality, it makes sense to cut costs where possible. It could be time, then, for you to take a long hard look at what your company is doing, and at what the staff responsible are doing, in relation to print and copying.

Print and print related costs represent a massive potential for cost savings which is by no means obvious as they are hidden in day to day expenditure due to infrequent or non-existent review procedures, lack of commercial awareness and the speed of new, cost-saving technologies being introduced. Unless you have a dedicated in-house print room, you could be spending large amounts that you simply don’t need to. So any saving makes a direct contribution to profitability.

Without guidance your staff may well believe that the tried and tested ways are achieving the best results and this may well be true in terms of quality. Things continue as they always have, because you probably don’t have the time or necessarily the right knowledge and experience to initiate a fully detailed review of procedures in-house.

If your company is going to be in that small number making big financial savings from a rationalized production and ordering system - Call in Streamline.
... we WILL cut your costs down to size!