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How We Do It

Stage 1 – Free Health Check
No cost print evaluation - We look at all your existing print orders, quantities and costs. We ask that you prepare a file with every item of stationery you currently use along with quantity price, supplier and frequency of order.

Presentation of initial findings - Within 7 days of the evaluation we will present our findings and give a report on any savings or problems found. At this stage we can quote for the in depth research required for us to make the detailed recommendations that will produce substantial savings. Our fees can vary according to the type of contracts required:

Based on a percentage of savings made (only possible with clearly defined projects)
A one-off set-up fee to create an ordering ‘bible’ enabling you to order cost effectively using all types of print sourcing from traditional to digital.

There is no obligation to take the service further than the Free Health Check stage.

Stage 2 – Implementation of the new system Once the quote has been accepted, our consultant will spend an agreed amount of time on site to conduct detailed research, including talking to print buyers and suppliers. The results will then be analyzed and recommendations formulated.

Stage 3 – Presentation of Detailed recommendations
In the presentation we give a forecast of actual savings to be made and will recommend methods to overcome any problems, leading to an overall system to optimize your budget and resources. A programme of implementation is presented, along with an indication of the results expected and budget forecast.

Stage 4 – Implementation of the system
We put in place the decided route for the production of all your print work and provide your detailed ordering bible with all recommended suppliers and prices.

If your company is going to be in that small number making big financial savings from a rationalized production and ordering system - Call in Streamline.
... we WILL cut your costs down to size!