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Past Projects:

Print room review - Is it cost effective to maintain our print room? - on one contract stopping a £120,000 a year fraud then retraining new staff

Purchase of copiers - support in the renewal of copier contract, a minefield - on one contract spotting an overcharge of £58,000 on one copier

Print Purchase - Looking at all aspects of print purchase - on one contract saving £80,000 a year by switching brochure production to digital and printing what was actually required

General Purchase
- reviewing general purchase systems - saving of over £1.2 million shown
About Streamline

Who We Are?

Streamline consists of four principal consultants who have a wealth of experience in cost effective management. They have all headed projects where detailed analysis of existing methods has been required and then been instrumental in implementing cost/time effective changes.

This substantial resource combines to offer you a service second to none. Streamline operates on a “No Saving - No Fee” basis, so the client has nothing to lose. We will do a free site visit to look at your current systems and then come back to you with a proposal.

The proposal may be a report stating that in our opinion your systems are fine and only require minor adjustment. It may state that major changes are needed and will map out the proposed changes and all implications. Our fee is based on a percentage of saving once the bench mark has been set.

The Resource

Simon King - Simon has run his own company for over 35 years and in that time has headed several multi million pound projects and has always delivered cost effective results.

A very formidable team...

Simon King (Principal)
Simon King started Blackfriars Contract Division over 35 years ago and has continued to develop it over the years to become one of the most advanced digital solutions companies in the UK.

15 years ago ‘Streamline’ was created out of a growing need from Blackfriars clients requiring a specific cost saving service.

His skill is to quickly analyse a document production path and look at cost effective alternatives without loss of quality of product or service. His solutions are always cost effective and practical.

On creation of a new system he painstakingly implements it, ensuring every member of the team is aware of how it works and feels part of the creation of it, therefore happy to use the new system.

His long experience in document production and cost management has given him the skill of taking a very complicated production system or project, breaking it down to its component parts and re-forming it into a logical sequence, so everybody involved understands the process. If a system is easy to use, people will use it.

We will cut your costs down to size!